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Get ready for the reactionListen to the response. If they get emotional, ride the storm. If they clam up, probe. If they argue, stand your ground.
30 ways to make more time
Managing your time effectively
The aim To show individuals when and where time management is a priority in their working lives, and how they can learn to manage their time more effectively. About the program Most people may think they are efficient. But unless they know how to manage their time, it's unlikely they will ever be fu... read more
A Bad News Meeting - Limit The Damage
Why should we pick up the pieces?Put it in perspective, discuss how it will be announced, talk about future opportunities.
A Counselling Meeting
Move to Basildon and grow a beardHelp them to think it through. Admit your own difficulties. Don't express your views. Establish the facts. Let them find the solution. Accept their solutions. Agree an action plan and review date.
A Human Touch
He's literally a customer processing machine!Remember your customers are also your guests, so acknowledge them straight away, especially if you aren't able to serve them immediately. Keep your approach fresh - you may have done this a thousand times but this is their first impression. Use the human ... read more
Absence minded: Managing Absenteeism
Managing absenteeism
The Aim To help managers tackle absenteeism within their teams, by using a structured and positive approach. About the program Absenteeism is as common as the common cold and it costs UK businesses nearly £11bn every year. But when someone calls in sick, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're ill.... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Act Swiftly
Confuse them! Distract them!Act swiftly. Take prompt action to stop the problem getting worse, and take responsibility for dealing with the problem.
Active Listening
Too fond of the sound of their own voiceMaintain attention - take notes and ask questions. Use positive body language - sit forward, use open hand gestures, smile. Reflective listening techniques: ask open questions, empathise, Summarise, clarify what has been discussed and the next steps.
Advising The Customer
In this course you can explore how knowing your customer and understanding their needs will help your team serve customers better. The areas covered are product knowledge, features and benefits and matching these to customers with an understanding of what is important to them. You'll also learn that... read more
New Release Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
After Sales
By taking this short course you will gain a greater understanding of how sales and service are linked, both for your company and for your customers. The 'sale' doesn't stop when the customer has bought a product or service, and after sales care can affect future buying decisions, as well as the repu... read more
New Release Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Agreeing Actions
Thanks for calling the coastguard - goodbye!When closing the call, don't leave your customer 'lost at sea'. Agree actions and how they'll be followed up. Volunteer useful information and agree the next steps.> Agree actions and how they'll be followed up> Volunteer useful information> Agree next ste... read more
The art of selling
The aim To ensure staff who deal with customers learn the key skills, techniques and behaviors of selling. About the program The best thing about dealing with a good salesperson is you don't feel like you're being sold to. As far as you're concerned you're just receiving good service.The art of sell... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only