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To show individuals when and where time management is a priority in their working lives, and how they can learn to manage their time more effectively. About the program
Most people may think they are efficient. But unless they know how to manage their time, it's unlikely they will ever be fully effective. Poor time management can also have a knock-on-effect on their colleagues or team they work with.

30 ways to make more time demonstrates that time management training can be applied to anyone within an organization. It uses memorable and engaging characters in many different situations to highlight the issues of time management - showing both the right and the wrong way of doing things. The benefits
The program will show you how to:
-start the day correctly in order to be more productive
-prioritize tasks by deciding which ones are important or urgent
-handle meetings
-use the phone or email more effectively
-identify 'time robbers' and build the right defenses against them.

30 ways to make more time is available on DVD. Or to video stream, so you can share the learning in really flexible ways: through email, online, presentations as well as in the classroom. It will also be available as an interactive self-study course.

Don't forget you can license the entire Video Arts Digital Content Library - there are hundreds of learning chapters to choose from, giving you more choice and flexibility then ever before. Information:
A Video Arts production 2008 featuring James Nesbitt, Ralf Little, Shelly Conn and Daniel Ryan
Advanced Employee Curriculum
Time management
Release Date
May 7, 2008
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Shelly Conn
Ralf Little
James Nesbitt
Daniel Ryan
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Group Trainers Workbook
Overhead Slides
Group Trainers Workbook
Overhead Slides
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