ArcLearn makes it quick and easy to link your employees with the courses they need in just three steps:

1) Registration
2) Enrollment
3) Attendance


Authorized staff can register individual students (employees) with the Arc Learn website by entering their names and e-mail addresses. Group registration can be accomplished by uploading an Excel spreadsheet containing the same information. The employee’s department and job title can be optionally included.


If desired, registered students can be allowed to self-enroll in courses they have personally selected. Your in-house trainers can assign students to required (or recommended) courses as needed. "Smart Grouping" tools are provided for defining reusable sets of students and reusable sets of courses. For example, a newly hired group of clerical employees could be considered "classmates" and be assigned to a standard series of courses appropriate for new hires. These tools greatly simplify the task of pairing students with courses. Of course, target course completion dates can be established at the same time.


The student can "attend" a selected course from any PC connected to the Internet whether at home, at the office or traveling. ArcLearn provides a personalized "home" page entitled "Your Courses". As the name implies, this page links the student with all the courses he/she has scheduled or completed. Clicking on a scheduled course launches the ArcLearn Course Viewer which allows the student to begin a course, pause it as needed and restart it from the same point minutes, days or even weeks later.

The answer is ArcLearn: eLearning... simplified!