ArcLearn incorporates many core features of a Learning Management System (LMS) - including:

  • A "Your Courses" page for each student showing pending courses & personal achievement history.

  • Tools for assigning courses to students and sending e-mail notifications.

  • Student self-selection of courses.

  • Individual and group student registration.

  • "Smart groupings" that remember sets of similar students.

  • "Smart groupings" that remember sets of related courses.

  • A performance database which records progress & assessments.

  • Backlog reports for assigned but not yet completed courses.

  • E-mail reminders to students who have missed target completion dates.

  • Detailed and summary utilization reports.

  • Customized website branding, including your company’s name, logo and corporate colors.

The answer is ArcLearn:
                                                 eLearning... simplified!