We believe that the most important part of training is what it communicates
about YOU and YOUR organization.

Periodic reminders about your values pays dividends as your employees inculcate your values into their daily work habits.
And, nothing is better at this than VIDEO.

So, for example, if customer service is important to your values, remind your employees of this with a different customer service video from time to time. Repetition is important to effective learning. You assign the courses. Your employees take the training at any time at work or home. You review tracking reports. You find better employee morale and more effective people on the job.

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Using ArcLearn in the classroom Use ArcLearn in the classroom as an alternative to DVD.  Both streaming and downloading are great options.

eLearning with ArcLearn eLearning is Self-Study supporting training at work, home, and on-the-go using our Android or iOS apps.  Trainers can assign courses and students can also select courses of interest.

Streaming Video with ArcLearn Our video based courses can be streamed over the Internet to the desktop or classroom.  Streaming is as easy as clicking on the Play Video button on the product page.

Customize your courses Make your own customized courses more compelling with ArcLearn!  Or maybe just insert your own message as a video introduction to a course.

Pricing Details There are a variety of different licensing options with one being just right for you, from our 7 day rental to a 1 year license term.

Client branding Customize the site by adding your logo, company information, or replace the student home page with your own message.

Roaming & Independent Trainer Support Trainers, whether independent or company employees, have new tools to enhance presentations while they are on the go.
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Student Overview Students or participants simply click on the course from their home page, whether the course is a full eLeaning or DVD style.

Trainer Overview Trainers can assign courses to selected students, review progress, and create activity reports.

Administrator Overview Administrators have full site access including company customization and licensing.

Information for the IT Professional IT personnel are typically involved in new company licensing. Here is what they need to know.

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Explore our Course Library Our vast library of more subjects than you can shake a stick at can cover all of your needs. Our intelligent keyword search is amazing.

Discover our LMS Features Yes, you can use your own LMS, and our hosted LMS is another option for you.

Link Students & Courses Meticulous record keeping begins when a student is enrolled and continues until management is appraised of the training results.

Visit the "Your Courses" page Take a look at Your Courses to see just how easy this will be for students to take their courses.

A variety of licensing options are available from a 7 day rental to an unlimited use, annual license. A commonly purchased license is our Access License which provides all site features for one year. And, our bundles and license packs provide greater savings when multiple courses are desired. Specific licensing and costs are available on each course details page.

Click here for a full explanation of all licensing options and details.

Pricing varies somewhat from course to course. Many of the high end courses have Access Licenses available for US$425 for a one year, 100 play license. Additional "plays" are only $3 per play when purchased with the original license. But, many excellent courses are less expensive. Specific licensing and costs are available on each course details page.

We suggest that you take us up on our free offer for you to Test Drive ArcLearn. No credit card required. Click here for details.