A roaming trainer is a member of your organization who performs classroom training functions;
an independent trainer is a person employed by an outside company.

In both cases, the trainer may have developed material using PowerPoint or other authoring/presentation tools.   The video content of ArcLearn can be tightly integrated with the trainer's own material to reinforce training points make the overall presentation more interesting and engaging.  

To that end, the trainer can use ArcLearn to find and select the desired video programs, chapters and segments.   Links on the ArcLearn Course Detail pages (for licensed programs) can be easily copied and pasted into the authoring / presentation tool for immediate use.   Specific instructions are provided for integrating with PowerPoint.

In cases where the trainer does not have Internet access or such access is inconvenient, the trainer can, nevertheless, prepare in advance and integrate ArcLearn programs into the course material.   This is feasible because ArcLearn offers optional offline course delivery via an external hard-drive containing all video assets.   The trainer simply connects the hard drive to his laptop and the video segments will be played locally.

Additionally, the video playlists and DRM licenses can be downloaded to the trainer's laptop in advance, making the entire presentation self contained and requiring no Internet access during the actual training session.

The answer is ArcLearn:
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