eLearning is a form of Self-Study with participants taking courses at their own pace and on their own schedule. Courses can be taken at the office, at home, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

ArcLearn maintains statistics so that responsible parties can determine both progress and a successful result.
  • Participants are enrolled in ArcLearn, either individually or as a group with an Excel file upload.
  • A trainer or supervisor assigns courses to the participants.
  • The participant will go to the ArcLearn website to take the course.
  • Trainers and/or administrators run reports (pdf or Excel) to assess progress and results.

Some nice features of eLearning:
  • Much less costly than a classroom session; and, better liked especially by younger workers.
  • In case of any course interruption, ArcLearn remembers where the participant left off. When the course is resumed, it starts right were one had left it.
  • Courses requiring any legal compliance will have the participant's electronic signature recorded.
  • All courses have completion certificates available (if the course is passed) for the participant to print or save.
  • Reports show dates, completion status, and test results. Use reporting to determine who passes and who failed. Use reporting to track anticipated completion dates with actual.

Although there are various ways to implement eLearning, here are some basic steps:

Each participant must be registered; only an email address and name are required. Trainers and administrators can add participants individually or as a group. Group additions are accomplished by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.
Trainers can enroll participants in courses using easy drag and drop screens. Additionally, a structured e-mail is sent to each selected participant with a list of the courses and a personal message from the Trainer.

Participants can also find and select their own interests by adding those courses to their own Your Courses list. Participants should be encouraged to use the licensed programs as they see fit in their own education and personal growth.
Participants can begin their training on their own schedule. They login and go to the Your Courses page. Here they will find any courses assigned to them by Trainers and courses in which they personally select. Information is maintained for the student, such as the start date, the status, test scores, and more.
Reports can be produced to evaluate utilization and compliance.

There are many ways to use ArcLearn. The above is just one scenario.   You can expand and adjust your approach based on the needs of your organization.  

The answer is ArcLearn:
                                                 eLearning... simplified!