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"Move to Basildon and grow a beard."

Video Arts Management Essentials deliver swift, concise learning in the form of 34 micro-learning videos that are accessible at the point of need, relevant and rewarding.

In each film, lasting between one and three minutes, new and would-be managers will grasp the key learning points of a subject while enjoying the Video Arts comedy approach. Starring Robert Webb, Helen Baxendale, Tom Bennett and Lucy Liemann.
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Making Decisions
A jacuzzi in my officeCollect the facts. Consult everyone involved. Make the decision.
Valuing The Individual
That's not what we pay you forGive people confidence in their value as individuals.
Valuing The Team
Our 'so called' teamGive people confidence in their value as part of the team.
Valuing Their Job
I know we said next week but that was last weekGive people confidence in the value of their job.
Active Listening
Too fond of the sound of their own voiceMaintain attention - take notes and ask questions. Use positive body language - sit forward, use open hand gestures, smile. Reflective listening techniques: ask open questions, empathise, Summarise, clarify what has been discussed and the next steps.
A Counselling Meeting
Move to Basildon and grow a beardHelp them to think it through. Admit your own difficulties. Don't express your views. Establish the facts. Let them find the solution. Accept their solutions. Agree an action plan and review date.
Setting The Scene For Counselling
You think you've got problems?!Notice the need. Create an opportunity. Make it unhurried & private. Encourage people to talk. Reassure them. Ask open questions and give feedback (eye-contact, rephrase and summarise).
Reasons For Absenteeism
Lazy, empty-headed skiversIdentify the reasons. Do it face-to-face. Prepare your emotions and the facts. Ask what is wrong and probe.
Recognising Absenteeism
I'll give him a 'personal issue'!Acknowledge the problem. Look out for warning signs and patterns. Keep records so you have the facts. Tackle absence as soon as possible.
Solutions To Absenteeism
What are you going to do about it?Agree a solution. Get them to take responsibility. Be flexible. Monitor the situation
Coaching Goals
Helping them to help youPromote discovery. Set the parameters.
Coaching Tips
I'll be off thenAuthorise and empower. Recap.
Preparing To Coach
Why would I coach anyone?Agree the topic. Identify the goals.
Setting SMART Targets
I didn't want a sandwich!!Specific. Measurable. Agreed. Realistic. Timed.
A Bad News Meeting - Limit The Damage
Why should we pick up the pieces?Put it in perspective, discuss how it will be announced, talk about future opportunities.
Get ready for the reactionListen to the response. If they get emotional, ride the storm. If they clam up, probe. If they argue, stand your ground.
Preparing To Give Bad News
Get ready to give bad newsPrepare the facts. Prepare your emotions. Try writing down the first part of what you need to say.
The Reasons Behind Discipline Issues
Shut up, I'm a great listenerExplore the reasons for the gap between standards and performance.
Discipline - Check The Facts
What's your problem?Establish the gap between standards and performance.
Managing Problem Behaviour
Red, Amber, GreenRED - Behaviour that can damage the clients, company, or colleagues. e.g. Aggression, malicious rumours.
Solutions To Discipline Issues
Let's dig over the pastEliminate the performance gap by agreeing an action plan.
Motivating Through Feedback
Just be more productiveAgree targets and let people measure their performance.
Motivating Through Information
They don't need to know this stuffInform: tell people why they matter.
Motivating Through Praise
You're still the worst performing teamRecognise and praise achievements.
Learning Through Practise
In at the deep endPractise in a low-risk setting.
Training Bit By Bit
This is where it gets complicatedIntroduce people to new things a little bit at a time.
Training With Context
Subtitles on tapsPeople need to know what context they're working in to get the job done right.
Listening To The Candidate
I'm kind of a big dealPut applicants at their ease. Encourage them to talk. Don't give your opinions, listen to theirs.
Probing In Interviews
That's right, I asked how many?Control the interview. Don't avoid asking awkward questions - put your doubts squarely to the applicant.
Beyond The Review Meeting
I can't, I'll be in MagalufAgree and review a plan of action.
Making A Performance Diagnosis
Diagnosis PerformanceListen to evidence and agree on the diagnosis. Face up to problem areas.
Preparing For A Review
Know your factsGet all the information you need; like previous review notes, achievements against targets and job descriptions.
Sharing Praise
Praise be!Do it. Do it quickly. Don't put a sting in the tail.
Giving Criticism
Are you criticising me?The right way, and wrong way, to criticise constructively.

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