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The aim
To equip both new and experienced sales staff with the necessary skills to develop and nurture professional and productive customer relationships. About the programs
Sell it to me! is the best-selling two-part program on how to build relationships with customers that ensure you sell.

Part 1: preparing the way, explains the techniques that help salespeople conduct successful business. A series of light-hearted scenarios emphasize the importance of asking open-ended questions and the need to listen carefully to what the customer is actually saying.

By examining a couple of worst case examples, viewers learn how to keep control of a presentation and how to avoid making dangerous assumptions that could cost them the sale. The benefits
  • Suitable for all levels of sales staff
  • Amusing and easy to follow videos
  • Use videos as individual or combined teaching units
  • Covers all stages of the sale - from initial contact through to closing the deal Related training issues:
    Face-to-face customer service Information:
    A Video Arts production featuring Josie Lawrence, Robert Lindsay, Amanda Redman, Martin Clunes and Colin Salmon. Release date: 1994
Selling skills
Release Date
Jan 1, 1994
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Martin Clunes
Josie Lawrence
Robert Lindsay
Amanda Redman
Colin Salmon
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Please note CDROM is of both parts 1 and 2 of sell it to me!


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