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The aim
To give anyone who attends meetings the skills they need to contribute more effectively and deal with even the most awkward colleagues. About the program
Part two of a series, Meeting menaces, is based on a group of middle managers in a large hospital.

Part 2: Meeting menaces
Meeting menaces
contains five short sequences, introduced by John Cleese. These show how to cope with colleagues whose behavior stops meetings from getting results. Jeremy fails to handle the destructive behavior of each of the menaces and the meeting they are all attending becomes a farce.

The waffler is guilty of going on and on, wasting time and contributing nothing to the meeting. The turf warrior is only interested in defending the interests and reputation of her department. The assassin has no ideas of his own, so prefers to shoot down others, whilst the dominator would rather steamroller over other opinions. Finally, the interrupter jumps in when others are speaking just because he thinks what he has to say is more important than anyone else.

However, following guidance from Cleese, Jeremy learns the techniques for handling each menace correctly and gets the meeting back on track.
Release Date
Feb 9, 2002
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Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
John Cleese
Andy Taylor
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