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To enable people to organize and chair meetings that are more effective and more motivating for those who attend. About the program
Meetings, bloody meetings is the best-selling video that defines the five disciplines that transform a gathering into a professionally run business meeting.

In a nightmarish court, a cynical manager is found guilty of failing to prepare himself and inform others of what a meeting was about (even omitting to invite all the relevant people); failure to plan the agenda; failure to control the discussion and failure to record the decisions. The judge demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court and the chaos that would result if he ran his court in the same way.

The nightmare is so vivid that the guilty-as-charged manager resolves to apply the rules - as will your organization's staff when they view this very humorous, sharply observed parable. The benefits
-Suitable for all staff who might be expected to organize and run meetings
-Key learning points are dealt with in clearly-defined segments that can be reviewed and discussed
-The combination of a realistic business meeting and nightmare court makes it easy to understand the problems and the solutions
-Humorous content engages people's attention and aids learning Related training issues:
Project management
Leadership and motivation
Teamwork Information:
A Video Arts production featuring John Cleese, Robert Hardy and Jeremy Childs. Release date: 1993
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Release Date
Jan 1, 1993
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Jeremy Childs
John Cleese
Robert Hardy
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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