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The aim
To ensure managers conduct positive appraisals that focus on staff motivation and business effectiveness. About the program
The dreaded appraisal
, one of the world's best-selling learning resources, reveals the techniques required for effective appraisal interviewing. The program is highly watchable and illustrates some typical problems managers and team leaders are likely to face in their interviews. Then it demonstrates how to turn the interview into a positive experience for both employer and employee.

It starts by introducing three common interviewee styles that are difficult for managers to deal with - and precisely shows how the interview can be made to work productively.

Shy Sharon bottles up her opinions and worries, so that her team leader is unable to find out her true feelings. He then treats the interview as an unworkable chore for both of them. However, when she is asked open questions and is praised on her abilities, she is encouraged to participate more productively.

Touchy Tracey easily takes offence and her team leader gets drawn into an unproductive argument about personality, not performance. The interview is turned round when she is asked to analyze her own performance through self-appraisal.

Aggressive Alan sees the interview as his chance to appraise the organization and condemn everyone except himself. His manager becomes exasperated and loses control of the interview, but when Alan is asked to focus on facts and agree to realistic and measurable targets, he looks at his work in a more positive light. The benefits
  • Integral part of any management skills program
  • Suitable for all managers and team leaders
  • Amusing and watchable drama with three learning scenarios
  • Highly memorable, highly effective content
  • Short video also available to enable better staff preparation
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A Video Arts production featuring Bryan Murray, Dawn French, Robert Lindsay, Hilary Crowson and Tilly Vosburgh. Release: 1990
Performance reviews & appraisals
Release Date
Oct 1, 1990
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Hilary Crowson
Dawn French
Robert Lindsay
Brian Murray
Tilly Vosburgh
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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