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Company Culture: Out of the Ordinary

Watch Herb Kelleher and the Southwest Team as they break records in customer service, and have fun at work!

This award winning program has been called the sequel to In Search of Excellence. The Excellence Files gives you insights into what smart companies are doing to meet the changes and challenges of the future. This module featuring Southwest Airlines is now available on video.

At Southwest Airlines you will see how a unique company culture has turned this airline into a leader in a very competitive business. There is little doubt that Southwest Airlines has created an organizational culture that defies traditional business thinking. There is also little doubt that Southwest Airlines is an outstanding corporation by almost all business measures.

Pick up where In Search of Excellence left off with the Southwest Airlines segment from The Excellence Files progam.

A company culture summed up in three words? If you think it’s work, discipline and (more) work, you’re not thinking of Southwest Airlines.

America’s most successful airline (by several independent measures) revolves around fun, love and respect. It puts employees first. It hires people who enjoy a sense of humor. And it encourages employees to use that humor in the workplace. Learn about leadership and strategy as you see Herb Kelleher, "America's Best CEO," motivate and inspire employees in this heavily unionized airline. See how success comes from a non bureaucratic company culture and employee buy-in.

Anyone doubting whether Southwest’s humanistic approach works need only look to Southwest’s fifth consecutive Triple Crown-for best on-time record, best baggage service and fewest customer complaints as determined by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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Jan 1, 1997
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