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Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool

In this delightful animated program A Complaint is a Gift, we meet Complaint and join him on his journey through the Land of Catchy Slogans, the Land of Big Promises, and the Land of Lofty Visions as he seeks to be heard, acknowledged, and have his issues resolved.

On his journey, Complaint finds that his needs are not satisfied until he finally reaches the Land of Complaints.

Hidden within customer complaints are valuable insights that can help shift products, service style, and market focus to achieve greater profits and lasting success. The way your organization handles customer complaints is of vital importance to the perception of your organization's quality. Using humor and wit, this animated parable illustrates how customer complaints can be gifts in disguise, but only if your personnel are ready to accept them.

This entertaining and educational video comes complete with Leader's Guide and the Complaint is a Gift Profile to assess your organization's customer accountability.

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Jan 1, 2005
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Janelle M. Barlow
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