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"We all loved the Workplace Essentials which were very entertaining but also very informative."

Video Arts Workplace Essentials are designed to help every employee. In 36 short, sharp videos Good Manager and Bad Manager guide the learner through the essential skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Starring Robert Webb, Helen Baxendale, Tom Bennett and Lucy Liemann.

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Assertiveness Tips
I'm just being honest!Be Assertive. Be honest. Stick to the bottom line. Negotiate as equals.
Assertive Versus Aggressive
You WILL listen to me!Know the three types of behaviour: aggressive, submissive, assertive.
Body Language
This is my giant desk castleDON'T: adopt 'status' positions behind desks; give aggressive eye contact; fold arms defensively; use closed hand gestures.
Closing A Phone Call
Hatching a planAgree next actions and follow up on them. Volunteer useful information. Establish what happens next.
Phone Greetings
Faking the hold musicPut a smile in your voice. Introduce yourself. Is it convenient for the person to take the call?
Phone Skills
A chickenless headControl the call. Get caller's name and use it. Make them feel connected. Ask open questions. Use active listening. Record and repeat information.
Email Etiquette
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: emailsTurn off your mail alert and schedule specific times to check mail. Don't leave everything in your in-box. Use subject lines properly to say what the message is about. Use the out-of-office function so people don't think you're ignoring them.
Formatting A Report
Short, sweet, persuasiveUse plain English. Make it look readable. Package it attractively.
Structuring A Report
Nice and long - goodList the objectives. Organise key points. Structure the document.
Stress And Delegation
I don't have time for thisDelegate. Communicate. Avoid isolation.
Stress And Exercise
Beat stress with burgers?Take exercise and allow yourself time for relaxation.
Stress And Prioritisation
Running around in circlesEstablish priorities. Manage your time.
Constructing A Budget
I feel a Ferrari size bonus comingSet standards. Forecast sales and spend. Count costs. Be realistic.
Controlling A Budget
Give or take. Here or thereReview. React. Revise.
Co-Ordinating A Budget
Have you any idea how much that costs?Consult all departments. Negotiate.
Controlling Quality
I told you punching it would workDefine it. Control it. Communicate it (listening as well as telling).
Defining A Project
You! Do this! Yesterday!Define the team. Check you have the skills you need. Put it on paper.
Implementing A Project
I'm not talking to youKeep each other informed. Don't hide problems. Don't blame - correct. Evaluate: the process and the benefits.
Planning A Project
Yes to the action, no to the planAllocate resources. Define roles & responsibilities. Set milestones.
Prioritising Your Time
Train time is game timePlan your day. Set realistic deadlines. Anticipate problems.
Time Management And Interruptions
Distracting DennisDeal with people. Deal with interruptions decisively. Act assertively. Limit phone time. See others as a source of support.
Time Management Tips
When wearable office organisers go wrongOrganise your work. Do difficult things first. Cut the clutter. Complete one task before moving to the next.
Meetings, Show You Understand
Are you listening?Listen actively. Show empathy.
Meetings, Work To A Joint Solution
I've got a great idea, My Idea!Listen to everyone. Especially the quieter voices.
Planning Virtual Meetings
Let's have a meeting!?Inform everyone of the agenda. Put important items at the top and give them the time they need.
Running Virtual Meetings
Hold the sausagesProvide evidence before interpretation & decisions. Stop people jumping to next stage or going over old ground. Summarise - record decisions and action points.
Don't Negotiate Separate Parts
I'll need them with bells and knobsDon't agree to separate parts during a negotiation.
Getting A Fair Deal
Take it or leave itAvoid threats and ultimatums. Ask 'what if?' questions. Make it a fair deal for both sides.
Pitching High
Whoa! Easy cowboy!Start higher than your bottom line. Trade, don't concede.
Preparing To Present
But I hate talking to people!Know who you're talking to, and what you want to say.
Presentation Tips
Now drink five espressosTailor the presentation to the needs of your audience.
Structuring A Presentation
POP-ping your pantsStructure the presentation: Position, Options, Proposal.
The Four Stages Of Change
Colours are a fadthey won't catch onThe four stages of reaction to change: Negation - Self-justification - Exploration - Resolution
The Power Of Behaviour
I could do without you today Behaviour breeds behaviour - the way people behave is usually dictated by the way you behave towards them
Use Behaviour To Help An Interaction
The least important person in my lifeYou can use your behaviour - to HELP a transaction, VISUALLY by greeting people and using their names - VISUALLY with an attentive look and gesture
You Can Choose How To Behave
Like hell I am!You can choose your behaviour - your behaviour is not something you are born with: it's something you choose every time you deal with people - how you choose will help or hinder every transaction

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