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The aim
The rules to follow to teach people in your care how to do a job. About the program
You'll soon get the hang of it is the definitive program on the techniques of one-on-one training. Written and presented by Hugh Laurie, it looks at both the theory and practice of training in a typically humorous and memorable fashion.

It explains how important it is for managers and team leaders to have the skills to teach people in their care. It introduces a variety of scenarios - in a warehouse, an office, a hotel and even a dentist's office - to demonstrate the psychology of why people want to learn and then how to help them.

Managers must undertake careful preparation and understand what is to be taught, and to whom the teaching is to be given. The lessons show how to put the training into context, break the process into digestible chunks, and ensure the trainee practices at every step. This must be followed by praise and encouragement, and with a review at every stage of progress.

As Hugh Laurie points out: "It's human nature to want to learn; the desire is already there. A trainer's job is to give it a nudge every now and then." The benefits
  • Introduces teaching skills to people with staff responsibilities
  • Well-structured lessons with visual examples
  • Various scenarios that are easy to relate to
  • Highly watchable, highly engaging
Related training issues:
Leadership and motivation
Orientation Information:
A Video Arts production featuring Hugh Laurie, Andy Taylor, Chris Larner and Serena Evans. Release date: 1995
Coaching and mentoring
Release Date
Oct 1, 1995
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Serena Evans
Chris Larner
Hugh Laurie
Andy Taylor
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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