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We give feedback day-in day-out, with our team and with our peers.

Giving and receiving feedback happens all the time. Whether it’s a formal performance review, a coaching opportunity, or just ‘catching up’ by the coffee machine, feedback oils the process of managing people. An emotionally aware approach helps make the feedback process effective.

Giving Feedback provides a simple model for formal and informal feedback, and a demonstration of an emotionally intelligent approach. Made with the Hay Group and based upon its Emotional Competence Inventory, the video provides realistic 'good' and 'bad' feedback scenarios and an on-screen commentary and introduction to EI.

Key Learning Points

  • setting and sharing an agreed agenda>
  • exploring and establishing facts
  • making and testing hypotheses
  • considering options and agreeing next steps.

Subject areas

  • four part model for giving feedback
  • framework of emotional intelligence competencies
  • emotionally competent feedback

Who for

  • managers and team leaders at all levels
  • team members
  • coaches and mentors
  • trainers and consultants


  • engaging mix of four realistic dramatised examples of good and bad practice with introduction and commentary
  • detailed session notes and resources for group training
  • workbook for self-study and use in group sessions


  • Video (35 mins)
    - introduction (6 mins)
    - feedback in practice (14 mins)
    - commentary (13 mins)
  • Facilitator’s Guide with presentation materials
  • Workbook with questionnaire
Coaching and mentoring
Performance reviews & appraisals
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