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The aim
To give staff at all levels the skills to achieve an equitable outcome to any negotiation. About the program
Wherever two people get together to do a deal, there's the possibility that at least one will end up feeling cheated, angry or resentful, even though both set out believing that they could achieve a solution that would benefit each of them.

The program plots the course of a negotiation from first meeting to successful conclusion, using the analogy of the developing relationship of two people.

In the case of marriage, the aim is not for either side to win but to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Stage by stage the main characters negotiate their way to the altar in scenes that illustrate the training points defined by the presenter.

The medium of video is unbeatable for demonstrating the various techniques and body language that can be employed and how emotional behavior leads to totally unproductive rows. There are also textbook demonstrations of how to deal with threats and ultimatums and to overcome deadlocks. The benefits
  • Valuable lessons for all staff, especially anyone in regular contact with customers and suppliers
  • Easy-to-understand, well-demonstrated training points
  • Defines and illustrates the three main stages of a negotiation
  • Shows how to establish aims, priorities and bottom lines and which points are subject to negotiation
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Assertiveness Information:
A Video Arts production featuring Dawn French, Neil Flynn and Trevor Phillips. Release date: 1995
Release Date
Oct 1, 1995
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Neil Flynn
Dawn French
Trevor Phillips
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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