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To help individuals focus on making the most of their time to the benefit of their business and personal lives. About the program
Not every individual is a manager or can delegate work to others, and must learn that making time work for them is a key lifeskill. This program focuses on three essential elements of time management in a practical, down-to-earth way: prioritizing and planning, dealing with people, and working procedures.

The drama shows some classic problems that crop up in any busy office, and how they can reduce individual and team productivity if they're not dealt with correctly. One individual is totally unorganized; one is so organized that she spends too much time rescheduling her personal organizer; and another is let down by the first two people.

They realize that planning and prioritizing are all necessary for their tasks, and that even minor interruptions like phone calls have to be dealt with. Learning to be assertive and saying 'no' are vital skills, and viewers will be sent back to their desks determined to make every second count. The benefits
  • Highly motivational drama addressed to individuals and team members at every level
  • Three segmented and memorable steps to managing time
  • Realistic office setting that's easy for employees to identify with
  • Useful self-study workbook to motivate course participants
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Managing paperwork Information:
A Melrose production. Release date: 1998
Time management
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Mar 1, 1998
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