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Based on a true story this is a historic, case study video. Applying to sales and non-sales persons, it deals with motivation, speaking up when you know you're right, tenacity, change, problem solving, and selling a concept.

In 1899 a very minor officer in the naval service, Lt. William Sowden Sims, has run the calculations and he's astounded. Because of the roll of the seas, the United States Navy gunnery during the successful Spanish-American war scored only 121 hits out of 9000 shots fired. Lt. Sims has found an admiral in the British navy who has instituted "continuous aim" gunfire that has improved his own hit ratio as much as 3000% AND the British navy is willing to share the information. Lt. Sims just knows that this information will be welcome news to his superiors and the War Department. After writing dozens and dozens of letters and confrontations about the horrid gunnery of the United State Navy Lt. Sims gets his reward: Court Martial. AND he's surprised.

Theirs Is Not To Reason Why: The Story Of Lt. Wm. Sowden Sims problem solving training video.Problem pointing out and solving and then sharing the news is called "whistle blowing." Not everyone wants to hear bad news or even recognize bad news, but sometimes you have to listen, acknowledge, accept, and then do something about it.

Somehow we have to learn to sell our ideas without insulting others and pointing the finger. This video is a great discussion starter to do that.
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