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    About the program
    Most organizations recognize that exceptional service is vital to winning and retaining customers - but very few treat their internal customers with the same level of respect and support as they do their external customers.

    Our brand new release Inside information aims to show people how to develop more effective working relationships with their colleagues, particularly those in other departments, through better internal customers service.

    Inside information is ideal for those who want to break down "silos" in their organizations and build productive working relationships with people from different departments.

    The program covers:
    • What internal customer service is and why it is important
    • Meeting internal customer needs
    • Communicating with internal customers
    • Giving personal support

    The key benefits

    Learners will:
    • develop closer, more efficient working relationships with those in other teams/departments, along with a sense of trust and shared purpose
    • treat internal customers in the same way as external customers
    • give internal customers the best possible service
    • communicate effectively with internal customers and identify what they expect from one another
    • respect and support internal customers

    A Video Arts Production 2008 featuring James Dreyfus, Francis Barber and James Lance.
    First Time Supervisor Curriculum
    Internal customers
    Release Date
    Oct 8, 2008
    Video Running Time (minutes)
    Video Arts Ltd.
    Featured Talent
    Francis Barber
    James Dreyfus
    James Lance
    Presentation Style
    Humorous drama
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  • Handouts

    Leaders Guide
    Self Study Guide
    One Day Group Training Workbook
    One Day PowerPoint
    Half Day Group Training Workbook
    Half Day PowerPoint
    90 Minute Group Training Workbook
    90 Minute PowerPoint
    Conflict Model
    Certificate of Completion

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  • Chapters

    Extra - The internal customer pyramid
    It can help internal customer service if people imagine their organisation chart being turned upside down, so that each department is seen as serving and supporting those closer and closer to the external customer.
    Runtime: 1:56
    Extra - Understanding what your organization offers
    Better communication amongst different parts of organisations, particularly large ones, avoids missing opportunities to serve external customers.
    Runtime: 1:55
    Extra - Tips on breaking down silos
    This video extra covers: creating forums to share information; practising proactive information sharing; and creating, or contributing to, an environment in which status is given to those who share infomration freely and work effectively with and work effectively with others.
    Runtime: 3:16