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Today, it is increasingly difficult for one organization to stand out in the crowd. Tom Peters has one surefire way to stand out. It is design. In the Everything is Design training video, Tom explains that design is more than the curve of a handle, a flashing icon, or a translucent toothbrush holder.

Design affects everything we create – products, services, processes, websites, conversations, and even careers. Its effect is rarely neutral. The purposeful thought (or lack thereof) that we put into design is the difference between an experience that is easy, helpful, fun, and inspiring – or totally frustrating.

In a world in which so many experiences are the same, great design is the key to creating an emotional connection that makes people crave what you do.

Join author Tom Peters for a passionate exploration of what he calls “one of the most promising untapped economic opportunities” of our time. The Everything is Design video will challenge you to recognize all the opportunities you have to win your customer’s hearts by meeting their needs and desires.

Key Learning Points:

  • Design is never neutral
  • Beautiful systems win
  • Create a sense of WOW
  • Go beyond “satisfied” customers

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Jan 1, 2002
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