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In Creating a People Centered Organization, Sam Tyler helps you begin to think about new ways to address many of the most difficult issues facing any organization: the human issues.

As Sam says, "The only differentiator with unlimited potential is the human being."

Hear and see for yourself what it will take to achieve excellence a decade from now.

Through film footage shot at industry leaders, Tyler demonstrates the approach these companies all have in common:

  • They excel at hiring good people and keeping them committed
  • They know how to train and empower people to better serve their customers
  • They know how important it is for employees to continuously learn and embrace change

Key Learning Points:

  • Treat your people as a balance sheet asset
  • Create a culture that celebrates employees’ achievements
  • Promote "business literacy"
  • Create a positive working environment
  • Focus on employees’ values and on community service
  • Achieve widespread accountability and reward success
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Jan 1, 1998
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