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Learn from some of America's leading companies.  Business Chronicle combines documentary case study footage with insightful commentary to guide you through the principles of excellence at work.

Business Chronicle Volume 3:  The Marketing and Manufacturing Edge

Go to Gillette and learn how they regained their dropping market share.  Gillette's established winning principle will help you focus on innovation, production, marketing and your company as a whole. 25 Minutes

Each program includes the business case studies and commentary by Tom Melohn and Jane Saltonstall. Hosted by Greg Stone.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand how customer commitment builds loyalty
  • Learn how to keep your innovative edge
  • See how quality impacts the customer


"These are superb, hard-hitting productions that should be required viewing for all of management in America.  My boss spent the weekend reviewing it, time and again.  He also found it superb.  You've got a super product on your hands!"

- Charlie Pace, Quality Advisor, United States Navy

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Jan 1, 1991
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