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"Customer service is the single most important factor in any business. It is absolutely crucial to a company's success," says noted lecturer and trainer Jeff Blackman.

Companies with great customer service survive and thrive. Those that provide poor customer service fail. In this video training program you'll be given the tools necessary to make your business grow and thrive. This logical approach to customer service teaches you:

  • The ten dimensions of service quality
  • How to develop a caring attitude toward your customers
  • The 13 strategies to becoming a better listener
  • The VIN and Serv philosophy of high quality customer service
  • Techniques to keep your customers coming back again and again to purchase your products
  • Why it's important to provide more in perceived value than you receive in payment

Divided into segments, The Basics of Profitable Customer Service training program is designed to be used by both individuals for self-study and trainers in training sessions.

Business success in the 21st century is customer service driven. This training program will make you and your company more able to provide high quality customer service and return greater profits.

Loaded with graphics and vignettes, The Basics of Profitable Customer Service should be required viewing for everyone in the organization.

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Jan 1, 1995
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JWA Video - Jack Wilson & Assoc.
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Jeff Blackman
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