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Teams are critical in order for today’s excellent organizations to succeed. No one person can do it all. A well-constructed team with specific goals and guidelines is critical in today’s fast paced business environment. In Building Teams for Success, you will see how a team at Rubbermaid’s Little Tykes division successfully developed and launched a product, which revolutionized the day care playground equipment market. Learn the many ways in which teams are used to achieve success as well as the nine specific success factors that are critical to building top performing teams.

Key Learning Points:

  • Establish Leadership & Set Clear Goals
  • Create a Shared Vision
  • Initiate Effective Communication
  • Confront Issues & Resolve Conflicts
  • Build Trust
  • Maintain Clear Roles & Responsibilities
  • Empower People to Act & Remain Flexible

COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW (from Bill Ellet, Training Media Review)

The videos are what you would expect from Enterprise Media: visually interesting, skillfully edited, coherent, and substantive. They’re also not quite what you would expect in terms of traditional off-the-shelf training products. They take expansive strategies and translate them into daily practices that real organizations and real people can try to learn and make their own.

The team video uses a case study from Rubbermaid, one of the stars of the mothership video, to demonstrate the key concepts of teamwork. The video offers and illustrates a list of characteristics that distinguish effective and ineffective teams. The workbook/action guide gives you, the trainer, a blueprint for working with different audiences. It includes a review of the key concepts, discussion questions, and five different exercises.

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Jan 1, 1998
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