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In order to succeed, organizations need to cultivate leaders at all levels. What are the key leadership skills? What’s necessary for success? Find out in Developing 21st Century Leaders. You’ll hear success strategies from top performing leaders and managers at Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, USAA, The Defense Personnel Support Center and Whole Foods Market. Interviews include some of America’s leading CEOs as well as top performing supervisors and team leaders.

Key Learning Points:

  • Respect & Empower the Individual
  • Stress Continuous Improvement
  • Manage & Accept Risk
  • Build the Knowledge Base
  • Avoid Complacency
  • Be Flexible & Fast

COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW (From Bill Ellet, Training Media Review)

The leadership video exposes viewers to leaders at all levels, from the corporate suite to the produce department of a natural foods chain. And even the celebrities decline celebrity. The nearly iconic corporate leader Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines gamely continues to embody humility and the late Roberto Goizueta of Coca-Cola takes humility to another level altogether…

The videos are what you would expect from Enterprise Media: visually interesting, skillfully edited, coherent, and substantive. They’re also not quite what you would expect in terms of traditional off-the-shelf training products. They take expansive strategies and translate them into daily practices that real organizations and real people can try to learn and make their own.

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Jan 1, 1998
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