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In "Beyond Close To The Customer," Tom Peters picks up where the program "A Passion for Customers" left off. Before a live audience, Tom Peters presents an instructional, how-to program on customer service in which he discusses 20 specific propositions that need to be addressed by any organization striving for superior customer service.

In Beyond Close the Customer, Tom Peters addresses the all-important issue of customer service, which in his opinion, is the number one competitive battleground of all time.

Through 20 propositions, Peters calls for a total reconception of the organization and of relationships with customers. The propositions range from everyday details of delivering service to "bet-the-compny"  investments. Those organizations, says Peters, that get service right, will make it. And the organizations that don’t get the message and don’t do the job right, won’t be in business five or ten years down the line.

The 20 Propositions:

  1. Service is about limo drivers who show up, or KISS - keep it simple stupid
  2. Service is about remarkable comebacks
  3. Service is soft and low tech - about attitude, listening, perception and empathy
  4. Service is about delight, not satisfaction
  5. Service is about expectations
  6. Service is a larger part of quality than quality
  7. Service is about people
  8. Service is about self-esteem more than training
  9. Service is about little things and, thus, a culture of
    constant improvement
  10. Service is about measurement
  11. Service is very, very high tech
  12. Service is about competing in time
  13. Service is about total, sweeping, once-every-2000-years-reorganization
  14. Service is about turning adversaries into partners
  15. Service is about TPT -total product transformation
  16. Service is about guts, and the possibility of a bold
  17. Service, responsiveness, value added and the customization of everything are the chief bases for future competitiveness, especially for manufacturers
  18. Service is free, and the revolution can start today
  19. Service is expensive, requires huge investments, and
    if you don’t bet the company on it, there may be no company left to bet within five years
  20. Service pays

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Jan 1, 1994
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