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John Kotter, the professor of leadership and change for Harvard University, offers the essential guide to developing the natural talents of managers and staff into leadership skills throughout your organization. Kotter argues that most organizations already have ample management capability, but lack sufficient leadership to propel them consistently forward. This program combines interviews with successful leaders from five well-known but distinctly unique corporations with Kotter's incisive commentary.

Leadership is divided into six independent modules. Each may be viewed independently as part of a self-study program in conjunction with the viewer's guide:

  • Module 1: Leadership is Not Management
  • Module 2: Setting Direction
  • Module 3: Aligning Constituencies
  • Module 4: Motivating and Inspiring
  • Module 5: How Much Leadership is Enough
  • Module 6: Creating Sufficient Leadership

Each module includes a presentation and recap by Dr. Kotter, vignettes illustrating the key components of LEADERSHIP; MANAGEMENT; in action and interviews with executives from ConAgra, NCR, Arco, PepsiCo, and Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation.

Key Learning Points

  • Distinguish the functions and goals of leadership from those of management
  • Recognize when each skill set is called for and deploy it effectively
  • Understand the differences between LEADERSHIP; MANAGEMENT;
  • Learn through real-world examples of dealing with vision, alignment, and motivation issues

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Jan 1, 1992
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John P. Kotter
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