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Anne and Kim are very different culturally and in their work styles. Kim is annoyed by Anne's attitude, insensitive comments and fashion clothes.

Anne, who is new, feels that Kim does not fit in well, and is frustrated by her messy desk and personal hygiene issues.

Their relationship is spinning out of control. Anne takes the lead and sets up an open discussion where they give each other feedback, discuss their differences and come to a resolution for an effective working relationship.

Part 1 - Communication Breakdown

Part 2 - Feedback and Resolution - 20 Key Learning Points are provided in an alternate version.

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Difficult People and Situations Series
A series of 4 outstanding dramatized videos - a must for every business! Excellent case studies to help develop effective communication and leadership skills. Covers:Open communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Leadership, feedback and problem solving Diversity, bullying and sexual harassm... read more
Release Date
Jan 1, 2009
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Seven Dimensions - Eve Ash
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