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The aim
To give all types of customer-facing staff the rules for achieving customer satisfaction - even when handling the most demanding people. About the program
Demanding customers is an amusing video that demonstrates the techniques for making demanding customers satisfied. Several realistic scenarios draw on the everyday experiences of front-line staff and the different characters they face up to: Mr. Snappy, Mrs. Picky, Mr. Yappy and Ms. Flash.

In a wrong-way scenario, the video shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers. Then, when the staff adopt the PERFECT technique - being polite, efficient, respectful, friendly, enthusiastic, cheerful and tactful - they manage to change the outcome.

The simple but effective lessons are highly memorable - easy to adopt and put into practice at all levels across any organization that deals with customers. The benefits
  • Integrates with and supports any customer care course
  • Entertaining and easy-to-follow video
  • Effective mnemonic, ideal for role-plays
  • Four separate scenarios tackling key customer-service skills
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A Video Arts production featuring Dawn French, Robert Daws, James Fleet and Rebecca Front. Release date: 1997
Customer service
Release Date
Jan 1, 1997
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts Ltd.
Featured Talent
Robert Daws
James Fleet
Dawn French
Rebecca Front
Presentation Style
Humorous drama
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