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Ethics MadeSimple is a short but comprehensive workplace ethics training program thatcovers virtually every major workplace ethics topic in 8 and a half minutes. Make sure your employees are armed with the facts about what behaviorsare unacceptable in your workplace.

This business ethics training program covers:

  • Stealing workplace resources such asoffice supplies, unauthorized  photocopies and computer printouts.
  • The theft of merchandise from retaillocations or manufacturing facilities.
  • Illegally copying or downloadingpatented or copyrighted materials 
  • Taking credit for or stealing the workof co-workers and passing it off as your own or taking full credit for aproject you were given assistance on.
  • Reporting more hours than you actuallyworked, falsifying pay records or reporting inflated business expenses forreimbursement.
  • Deliberately doing less work than youare capable of out of laziness or to lower future expectations.
  • Socializing with friends or family duringwork hours via the telephone, social networking sites, instant messaging or anyother means of communication.
  • Falsifying company documents to passinspections by your organization or by local, state or federal governmentofficials.
  • Lying to or misleading customers aboutthe attributes of your organization-s products or services or the ability todeliver those products and services.
  • Falsifying the results of research anddevelopment to benefit your organization or to further your own personalcareer.
  • Over-promising results in order to gainsupport for a project or for personal advancement within an organization.
  • Destroying sensitive company documentsand emails that could be harmful in the case of audits, reviews and litigation.
  • Violating anti-trust laws by colludingwith competitors.
  • Manipulating financial information toachieve organizational or personal goals 
  • Failing to follow your organization-ssafety procedures or failing to follow federal, state or local governmentsafety rules.
  • Viewing or sharing confidentialcustomer, patient or employee information without authorization or approval.
  • Insider trading 
  • Gossiping or spreading rumors aboutyour co-workers.
  • Verbally intimidating a co-workerthrough the use of taunting, teasing, yelling and sarcasm
  • Menacing a co-worker with threateninglooks, gestures and body language.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Giving bribes to or accepting bribesfrom a business competitor for confidential information.
  • Giving bribes or gifts to publicofficials for favorable rulings on inspections, licenses, permits or othergovernment controlled decisions.
  • Bribing public officials from foreigncountries.
  • Basing an employment decision such ashiring, promotion or compensation on a person-s race, color, national origin,age, gender, marital or family status, religion or genetics rather than on hisor her ability or experience. 
  • Treating a co-worker poorly or unfairlybecause of a bias, stereotype or prejudice stemming from a perceiveddifference. 
  • Theconsequences of violating ethical standards
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Jan 1, 2013
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