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e.asywriter - using email effectively
Do your emails really deliver? Arguably email is now the main form of communication in the workplace. But how well do we use it? It's very speed and ease of use can be a double edged sword. How often have you fired off a reply only to regret it? Or sent someone a confidential message and copied it a... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Legal E-mail & Text Messaging at Work
E-mail has become one of the top forms of communication at work. This brand-new October 2013 production covers every legal aspect of e-Mail & Text Messaging in the workplace. The program starts with the simple facts of e-Mail and texting - that e-Mail and texting is permanent and NOT private - then ... read more
New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only
Your Words Matter
Social Media. Text Messages. Emails. It's never been easier to communicate. And it's never been more potentially hazardous. Now there is a video that can help every employee understand and navigate these hazards. "Your Words Matter" will help increase awareness of the importance of written communica... read more
New Release Video course with post-test