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With his initial definition of servant-leadership in 1970, Robert K. Greenleaf planted a seed of an idea which continues to grow in its influence on society with each passing year.

We are witnessing a shift in many businesses and non-profit organizations -- away from traditional autocratic and hierarchical modes of leadership and towards a model which is based upon teamwork and community; one which seeks to involve others in decision-making; one which is strongly based in ethical and caring behavior; and, one which is attempting to enhance the personal growth of workers, while at the same time improving the caring and quality of our many institutions. This emerging approach to leadership and service is sometimes called "servant-leadership".

Part One presents a historical and conceptual overview of Servant-Leadership -- how it came to be developed and how it is currently defined.

Part Two presents an outline of ten characteristics. This program is designed to assist the viewer in identifying and understanding those Servant-Leadership characteristics which he or she might want to develop and practice further.

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