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In a world that bombards you with things to remember, true success may rest in your ability to forget! Excess mental baggage can unconsciously weigh you down, hold you back, and take up precious space in your brain.

Regardless of our good intentions, each of us is susceptible to flawed beliefs and behaviors that negatively impact us, the people we work with, the environments we work in, and the results we get. Dump this data from our memory banks -- forget these counterproductive ideas, practices, and habits -- and we're well on our way to becoming more successful leaders... and more successful people.

Based on the book by Eric Harvey & Steve Ventura

Key Points:

  • To stimulate evaluation and discussion of clich├ęd ideas and outdated principles that organizations may be consciously or unconsciously following
  • To suggest alternatives to these ideas
  • To provide skills for evaluating any operating idea or principle, and test its relevance in an organizational structure

First Time Supervisor Curriculum
Decision making
Management issues
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