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"Spirit", it's a word that conjures many images, think of it as a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character. Then you'll understand "The Spirit of the Dolphin". The dolphin is an animal of grace and joy. Its core behaviours represent its spirit. It's a spirit we can encourage and emulate in our lives, both at work and home.

In "The Spirit of the Dolphin", from Training Point, you and your viewers learn the keys to the dolphin spirit. You are encouraged to apply these in your life.

The five elements to the spirit are:
* Constantly learn and mentor.
* Champion the team.
* Make the most of diversity.
* Focus on the future.
* Seek joy in what you are doing.

Against the backdrop of beautiful dolphin footage from some of the world's leading cinematographers, beautiful graphics and a superb soundtrack from composer Bruce Lynch, share "The Spirit of the Dolphin" with your team.

Key Training Points:

* Encourage and support team programs within your enterprise.
* Motivate a sales audience to work together for better results.
* Show any team how active learning and mentoring can grow them all and their ability to succeed.
* Encourage a respect for an ability to work with people "not like us".
* Enable managers to see that the future needs to be the focus and that blame in the present is not a constructive route forward.
* Show anybody that fun and joy are critical elements in all aspects of what we do, how we live and that the dolphins build these elements of life into their daily routine.
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