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Mentoring programs are undoubtedly a hot topic ' if not being implemented in every workplace, they are certainly widely discussed and considered. Produced in Melbourne, this video from Training Point demonstrates the value of effective workplace mentoring. Amidst issues with bumbling employees, fluctuating staff commitment, anger management and a surreal encounter with a tow truck owner, John Andrews, co-founder and MD of marketing firm Andrews and Andrews, implements a mentoring program at the company. Andrews teams two young and relatively inexperienced employees ' Tess and David - with two longer-serving staff members ' Bernadette and Ben. The results vary dramatically! In this program, the aims and benefits of a mentoring program are explored. Effective and ineffective strategies are examined, laying the groundwork for further discussion regarding the value of mentoring programs, their objectives and the most appropriate means of implementing them to maximise benefits. This video is an ideal resource for any organisation considering or evaluating a workplace mentoring program.

Key Training Points:

* Mentoring role
* Mentoring process
* Active listening
* Strategies for implementation

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