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1 on 1: Information Employee Performance Review is simply the best coaching method/program. Adopt this method and watch employee performance and morale soar.

Employees desire performance feedback from their supervisor; not just a "good job" or "you can do better" every now and then; informal or formal, we all want meaningful and cyclical appraisal.

How many things can you do as a manager that will produce measurable improvement in employee performance and employee morale? A periodic one on one, informal employee performance review with each of your direct reports is one of those things.

Training Points:

  • How to plan for recurring one on ones.
  • A suggested binder-system for managing performance reports and other one-on-one related documents.
  • The importance of: SHOWING UP!
  • What to cover during a one-on-one.
  • How to informally review performance.
  • How to handle the "Meets Problem."
  • How to extract company / process improvements with a simple question.
  • The importance of 180 degree feedback; How are YOU (the manager) doing?
  • The importance of documenting key points, and actions plans discussed during the one on one.

Catalog Topics: Management Skills, Performance Review, Coaching, and Employee Retention.

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