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Learn to ask for information, recognize rhetorical questions and use closed, open and statement questions to get quality answers.

Each video has five sections:
Language Functions, Grammar, Idioms, Vocabulary, Pronunciation.

20 FUN ESL VIDEOS Shot on location in USA
Learn English as it is REALLY spoken! Language and instructional design by linguistics expert Dr. Fran Byrnes and Psychologist Eve Ash. 

These 20 groundbreaking programs engage learners through:
•  amusing situations and entertaining characters
•  interesting conversations with authentic language
•  strong storylines and high quality production
•  practical graded activities to build confidence.

Key Learning Points

This program covers:

Language Functions - Asking Questions - asking for information - where/where's; when; who/who's; what/what's; why; how; did/can - and rhetorical questions.

Grammar - Type of Questions - Closed questions - did you; is that; did she; are you; has he. Open questions - chatting; asking for details; clarifying; asking for opinions; asking a  loaded question and Statement questions.

Idioms What'swith that; Go over something with a fine tooth comb; Abig deal.

Vocabulary - conference; a mess; responsibility; engagement; characteristics; eye contact; who's/whose.

Pronunciation - Intonation - showing surprise; statements that are questions; being sarcastic; showing anger.

This is available as part of

Cutting Edge English At Work Series
These 20 groundbreaking programs combine psychology, linguistics and instructional design, and engage learners through: • amusing situations • entertaining characters • interesting conversations • authentic language • strong storylines • high quality production • practical graded activities.   20 FU... read more
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English as Second Language
Release Date
Jan 1, 2013
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Seven Dimensions - Eve Ash
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