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Every man, woman and child on the planet wakes up each morning with the same 1440 minutes. It's what they do with them that makes all the difference.

Every day contains 1440 minutes. This motivational meeting opener challenges the viewer to use every minute to it's fullest. Using both historical footage and beautiful HD imagery, 1440 minutes will inspire any audience to greet each day with passion, inspiration and urgency.

We all struggle with time. Days seem to move in fast forward and there never seems to be enough time to accomplish our goals. However we have the same amount of time as the most successful people in history. Amelia Earhart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Einstein, concert pianists & violinists, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Roger Bannister, Mother Teresa, astronauts, firemen, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are all featured in this inspirational video.

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Jan 1, 2011
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