Each college level course is generally a first year course in the subject material as designed by learning institutions for their own students. These are great for remedial or for refresher.

These courses are designed for individuals and sold as Personal Licenses. This is a low cost license for the use by only the person who purchases the license. License does not apply to and is not transferable to any other person. Not to be used for any group training event.

54 modules. A complete course. Financial accounting theory, principles, and procedures. Application of theory and practice to the accounting cycle and to systems design. Introduction to the preparation, use, and analysis of financial statements of a sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation to make effective business decisions.
Biology: The Fabric of Life series is comprised of 39, 30 minute videos that cover the basic principles of general biology as they relate to the cellular, organismic, and population levels of organization. Includes cell ultrastructure and function, energy transfer, reproduction, genetics, evolution, diversity of organisms, and ecology.The series is enhanced by live-action video and... read more
This 32-program video series covers the basic principles of general biology as they relate to the cellular, organismic, and population levels of organization. Includes cell ultrastructure and function, energy transfer, reproduction, genetics, evolution, diversity of organisms, and ecology. The live-action video and photographs portrayed throughout the series were filmed on-location at Gran... read more
Palomar College Television's award-winning 30-program series about the study of the principles and laboratory techniques of general chemistry. 30-minutes per program
Contemporary Legal Issues, an award-winning series comprised of 44, 30-minute programs, focuses on advanced legal writing, analysis, and research. After viewing the entire series, the viewer will be able to demonstrate the use of legal research tools; demonstrate knowledge of briefing and synthesizing case briefs and authorities; develop the ability to analyze complex areas of the law and... read more
Conversemos! Let's Talk is a 30-part video series featuring Carlos and Janet, instructors who play the roles of teachers and students in this Spanish-language telecourse. Through the entertaining use of skits, well-known fairy tales, and a continuing melodrama, students watch and listen to language in natural settings, guessing at meaning and formulating rules about language. All activities... read more
Good communication skills are valuable in all aspects of life. Part of learning this essential skill is understanding our own unique communication style as well as that of others. With the Human Communication series, the viewer has the opportunity to analyze their own communication behaviors and those of others as they learn about and practice skills in intrapersonal communication... read more
Welcomes the learner to the 'Language Construction Company' and explains how the series works. The various language tools and parts of speech will be compared with objects and activities found on a construction site. Those visual examples will help the student to remember the concepts as they are presented.
Using math in real world situations to give the student the appreciation of why one needs to know this stuff. Includes beginning algegra, intermediate algebra, math for liberal arts majors, trigonometry, precalculus, college algebra, statistics, and calculus.
30 modules covering basic mathematics principles for refresher or remedial purposes. Shows some historical implications of mathematics and demonstrates its use in art, in computers, in problem solving, in reasoning, and in everyday life experiences.
Quest for the Empowered Self is an exploration of the dynamics involved in the development of the individual in the search for identity and self-discovery. Specific emphasis will be placed on the decision-making process particularly as it relates to the individual's own humanness, value system, and unique functioning; the role of culture; and a set of life skills that will serve to empower... read more
Research for Writers: Advanced English Composition incorporates lively interviews with practitoners in a wide variety of writing fields from law to poetry. To illustrate:The Argumentative Paper: An attorney is interviewed about preparing an argument for court.The Explication: An award-winning poet reads and explains his work.Journalism vs. Essays... read more
This video series was produced for use in a college-level, first semester Spanish course. This elementary course is the study of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures, with emphasis on the development of communicative skills and basic structures. The videos were intentionally not tied to any one textbook, so the videos can easily be used with any textbook of your choice.
The twenty-four half-hour programs of Speaking with Confidence describe and illustrate a wide variety of speech communication concepts and are keyed to the highly successful sixth edition of Confidence in Public Speaking by Nelson and Pearson. All of the lessons combine the following elements: speech professionals, examples of famous speakers from business, education, the arts... read more
14 modules covering 12 lectures on a variety of topics within Statistics. Two Branches of Statistics: Descriptive Statistics or Inferential Statistics Sampling Level of Measurement Graphs and Tables; - Frequency Graphs; - Histograms ; Measure of Central Tendency; -  Mean, Median, Mode; -  Variability (Spread) ; Ca... read more