Like Student Participants and Training Coordinators, Administrators can manage their accounts, view pending orders, edit addresses and change passwords.   They can also search the catalog, contact the local help desk for support, use our video troubleshooting tools and review the FAQ pages for all three roles (participants, trainers and administrators).

As you might expect, administrators have tools for managing licenses, implementing financial decisions, assigning roles to other users and configuring global preference settings.

License Management

By searching the catalog and previewing candidate courses, administrators (and trainers) can select materials for building the curriculum. When the desired courses have been identified, the administrator can purchase the corresponding licenses.

Administrators can review the details for all current licenses at any time and renew when necessary.

Financial Decisions

Administrators must, of course, be empowered to commit the financial resources of their organizations. When an ArcLearn course is licensed, the Administrator makes a commitment to pay the initial license fee. While the initial payment is usually made by credit card, the administrator can submit a request for 30-day payment terms (subject to approval). The administrator can specify the primary bill-to contact for invoices.

Assigning User Roles

Although the role of student is normally open to all employees, only selected staff members will be granted the privileges afforded trainers and administrators. The person who makes the first license purchase is identified as the initial administrator. That person can, in turn, grant trainer or administrator status to other users. The administrator can also identify the staff member who servers as the in-house "Help Desk" contact.

Other Settings

The administrator also controls various site-wide preference settings including assessment preferences - for example, the minimum score required for successfully completing a course, the number of attempts permitted by one student on the same course, etc.

Another great feature of ArcLearn is the Local Disc of Videos. The optional Local Disk provides access to the full library of licensed courses from a hard-drive either on your local network or directly connected to a trainer’s laptop computer. The administrator controls the process of registering users for Local Disk access.

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